The 30-Minute Resume

You've just met someone who, after chatting with you for a while, says, "I may have a job for you. Send me your resume by COB today." You say to yourself, "What resume?" You haven't created one for years. Or maybe never. If that's your situation, grab your computer and let's get this done. Fast. Here are the sections you'll create for this resume, which, in most cases, will be only one page long.

Phone Number
Email address as a hypertext

You will create these four lines (with sub bullets) for each of your jobs in the last 10 years.

Your Job Title
Company/place of work
Phone number of company

Usually this is the number for HR. If you don' t know it, give the main number. You want to make it easy to verify employment.

Action verbs call attention to your job-related accomplishments. Try to come up with 3 bullets for each job - at least 2 bullets. Make them as relevant as possible to the job you're seeking - use key words. Add metrics if you can: "Increased customer accounts by 10%."

This is relevant if you are a recent college graduate.

This is not the place to list that you're a member of a quilting group, but you might list that your quilts have won national awards.

Dates employed
  • Increased...
  • Improved...
  • Created...
College or university
Grade point average (only if 3.0 or above)
Relevant course work
Honors? Offices held? Study abroad?

Academic honors?
Sports honors?
Sports teams?
Boards served on?