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How to develop your ePortfolio


The ePortfolio development process is a step-by-step process of collecting, substantiating, and organizing documented evidence that demonstrates your skill proficiency levels.

The ePortfolio Development Process

An electronic employability eportfolio serves as a career anchor for tracking employability as part of finding employment, staying employed, and keeping tabs on career satisfaction.

More specifically, it is a way to monitor skill development over time, assess your proficiency levels in those skills, and identify how they can transfer across industries during times of career and job transitions.

I have identified two approaches to the ePortfolio development process: a conceptual one and an applied approach.

Conceptual Approach:

This approach is somewhat like following a traditional career development process (e.g., self-assessment; identify and explore options; set goals; plan action; take action).

  1. Identify your stage in work

  2. Develop an employability skills profile

  3. Create a master eResume

  4. Develop a personal profile

  5. Gather artifacts that support skills profile

  6. Convert artifacts into electronic files

  7. Create a narrative storyboard outline

  8. Establish navigational linkages between skill acquisition and demonstrated proficiency

  9. Write supporting content for online reading

  10. Publish your ePortfolio to the Web



Practical Approach:

This approach is an example of how to put the concept into practice. The example I use here is my own. The steps I list are the steps I have actually used and find successful.

Background Career Situation:

....to be continued.


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