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Tips for Formatting Text-based Resumes
Provides a good example of how to format a plain vanilla resume so that it is a little more eye-catching.

The Internet-Ready Resume
The Riley Guide
According to Margaret (Riley) Dickel, job seekers do not need a different resume, but rather to alter the format of your resume to make it easy for you to copy, paste, post, or email it to employers.

Electronic Resumes
Advanced Resume Concepts
As you read this article, do you believe Kendall's following statement is accurate? Why or why not?
"E-mail resumes are basically plain text (ASCII) documents without the formatting enhancements."

Optimizing Electronic Resumes
Also includes tips on how to handle confidentiality.

What is the Right Resume for Me?

JobStar Central
Contrary to what the Riley Guide states, this resource lists Electronic Resumes as a separate category from Chronological, Functional, and Curriculum Vitae.