eWriting can refer to a variety of things:

  1. Writing courses that a person can take online. These are often associated with a college or university, but the courses can also be just for fun or for a career path.
  2. Jargon that has developed to make writing emails faster and more efficient (examples: LOL for Laughing Out Loud; BTW for By the Way; WDYT? For What Do You Think? or CYA for See You Later).
  3. A style and format of writing geared for use on the internet for Web-based articles or in email communications for such purposes as cover letters and resumes. This is how we use that term on this site.

In general, eWriting is writing that:

  1. Uses short and crisp sentences to express thoughts and ideas.
  2. Uses a significant number of keywords - important words related directly to the subject matter of the content -- so that the article or resume or web page can be "searched" on the basis of those keywords.
  3. Makes good use of page formattingwith headings and white space used appropriately.
  4. Uses bulleted or numbered lists instead of long blocks of text.
  5. Is in the right format for its purpose.
    • A resume needs to be readable by a variety of computers and software programs. Usually this means using an ASCII "plain-text" format.
    • If you know that the person has word processing software compatible with yours, then you might send it in rich text format, which allows for more formatting options.
    • If you want people to view your document as a Web page, you need to have a Web server that hosts your document as a Web file based on HTML An article for a Web site would also be in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).
Here is an article that provides additional information on eWriting as it relates specifically to resumes. Click on the title for the full article.

Internet job hunt poses new questions about resumes

By Joan Lloyd, C.S.P. - Should I send my resume as an attachment or pasted in an e-mail memo? Should I format it in Word and then save it in ASCII, so it prints out properly? I heard my cover letter should be typed into the subject of the email, not sent as an attachment? What are the rules for an Internet job search?