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R. David Lanke

Note the main page, navigation, graphics, integration of Curriculum Vitae and subsequent download options via the Biography link.

Elaine's Criminal Justice Career Portfolio

From Martin Kimmeldorf's Porftolio Sampler, note the use of Adobe Acrobat to download and display the portfolio.

Elementary School Student Portfolios

An interesting look at the design strategy these students used in terms of the information they share about themselves, and the bold use of graphics.

Michael Corry, Assistant Professor, Georgetown University

The portfolio layout is very simple. And you can assess immediately the information that Michael wants to share with you. Note the link to the list of articles and papers he has written. Also note the date that his portfolio was last updated.

Raymond R. Lafrenaye, M.S., C.F.M., Facilities Manager

Note the use of frames, and how he provides a separate link and Web page for each section of his resume. I find this design as very cumbersome, forcing the reader to click, wait while each page loads, and then reads each page separately. A good technique is that the use of frames keeps the reader on his portfolio pages despite the numerous number of links. How might you redesign this portfolio?

Advanced Resume Concepts Gallery of CareerFolio Web Resumes

The design and presentation of these Web resumes is based on color, borders, fonts, and page backgrounds. Do these features really contribute to these Web resumes as effective "marketing tools"? In what instances would you find this approach useful? In what instances would you find this approach not useful?

Luis Ruiz Network Support Specialist

When you arrive at his main portfolio page, note how the Yahoo! banner window pops up. This is something to consider when selecting free Web hosting services to host your portfolio such as Geocities. Also, note how he provides a link to his resume in "DOC format." It would be clearer if he said "Microsoft Word format."

Senior Employee Benefits Attorney

This is an example of a Web Portfolio that resulted in several job interviews and subsequent job offers. You can read my detailed profile of Carol Calhoun Web Resume Success Story on pp. 164-172 in my book, Electronic Resumes and Online Networking.

Tracy Bumpus, Professional Resume Writer

Tracy does an excellent job of expanding upon the "About Us" section of her Web site. The reader can briefly review the information. If he/she wants to know more, they can choose to link to more information about Tracy A. Bumpus.

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