Professional Resumes

Our Recommendations for Professional Resume Companies

There are a lot of great resume service companies out there. Most of them advertise on this site. There are also individuals who write resumes and cover letters and do an excellent job. We recommend the following companies because we are familiar with the quality of their work.

  • Employment911 Resume Writing - Professional resume writing help that is 100% guaranteed to get you more interviews and job offers.
  • ResumeYard is widely recognized as a great place to get top quality convincing resumes done for very low cost in a short space of time. You will want to compare them to the others we recommend.
  • | Since 1999 has experts in most career fields who keep up-to-date on what these employers are looking for. They will work with you until you are satisfied and they will even rewrite it for free if you don't get an interview in 30 days.

The Advantages of Professional Resumes

Professional resumes created by professional resume writers can really give you an advantage over other candidates. These professionals know exactly what resume formats the hiring people want to see and will help you create a resume that gets the attention of any recruiter as well. Professional resume writers can create a resume that emphasize your strengths and downplay your weaknesses. Many of them are certified as professional resume writers, and they know both the appropriate keywords and action verbs (see Job-Specific Resumes) that employers in specific industries are looking for. Based on your particular experience, these professionals will pick a resume format — chronological, functional or a combination— that displays your accomplishments in the best light possible. The extra confidence that a carefully crafted and professionally written resume can give you in your job search is well worth the money -- generally $150 to $300. For those of you who want to write a resume on your own, start with Resume Writing.

Selecting a Professional Resume Company

A resume is a tool that a job candidate uses to get the prospective employer's attention.. The amount of time that you have to make a positive impression is very small - usually about 30 seconds - so you need to maximize that very short time available to you. After you have looked over all of the resources on and you still feel hesitant writing a resume on your own, use a professional

OK. You decide that you need some help. But how do you choose from the many individuals and companies that write professional resumes? We have given you some recommendations of companies who do an especially good job. And, if you don't want to take our word for it, we will give you some criteria to use to evaluate these professional resume writers before you hire them.

First, the criteria:

  • Will they give you sample resumes to look at?
  • Do they have samples in your specific area?
  • Do their resumes appear professional in content, appearance and attention to details such as punctuation?
  • Do the resumes seem tailored to a particular job or do they seem “canned”?
  • Do they follow the suggestions about resumes, resume formats, and resume tips on this web site?
  • How do they charge?
  • How many edits and re-edits are included in the price?
  • What does the price include besides the basic resume?
  • Do you get a cover letter?
  • Will they provide an electronic resume in a variety of ASCII formats?
  • Do they guarantee your satisfaction?
  • Will they interview you before writing or just write the resume based on information that you mail or email them?
  • Do you have one easily accessible point of contact?
  • What testimonials do they provide?
  • Can you speak directly with any of their past clients?
  • What do the FAQs tell you about the company?
  • What is their turn-around time?
  • Do they have a resume posting and distribution service?
  • Will they provide a critique of a resume that you wrote instead of writing it themselves?

Other Professional Resume Services

In addition to resume writing, professional resume companies provide other services such as resume posting and resume blasting. Resume posting allows you to submit your resume electronically online to resume posting services which then post your resumes on their sites in the applicable job classification, or even blast it out to prospective employers looking for your type of employee. It is an effective and often powerful means of creating awareness about you! Think of resume posting as a bit of self promotion and marketing. If you want to create awareness about how valuable an employee you will be, then utilize the resume posting services to get your resume message out.