Resume Posting

The spread of the Internet has facilitated every type of communication and has added to new methods of conducting business. Most placement agencies now have an online presence. They have also introduced services that help a jobseeker get the job that best suits his profile. One such service is that of posting an applicant's resume on the placement agency's own website and also submitting it to other placement-related websites.

These websites offer a complete package, which starts with constructing a resume and cover letter for you, displaying it on the website, sending it across to other websites and also directly to the recruiters. These websites gain experience with the nuances of each industry and are therefore in a position to advise jobseekers on vital points such as the correct dress code, the important points to remember during an interview, the things that interviewers look out for, etc. If you have written your own resume, these websites will critique the resume for you and offer valuable suggestions and tips. You can search for the type of job you wish to apply for using keywords such as employer name, experience required, salary package, etc. You get notified by email if you are short-listed for an interview.

A resume submission service does more than just post your resume to various job sites. It saves you a lot of time and effort that you would otherwise expend in visiting each website individually, searching for the right openings, logging-in and uploading your resume. Sometimes these sites post openings that are not advertised anywhere else. You can pick and choose from the range of postings that are available including international job vacancies.

There are certain factors that you need to consider before deciding to use the services of a resume posting and distribution agency.

  • If you have your resume on many different websites, every time you make a change in your resume, it will have to be updated everywhere. Also, it is possible that you will keep getting calls from agencies even after you have landed a job.
  • Your resume posted on these websites will be accessible to all recruiters. You need to think about whether you want a lot of different people contacting you.
  • Ask yourself if it is feasible for you to do the resume posting yourself or will getting it posted through the websites give a good value for your money?
  • If you do decide to use such a service, remember that you have a better chance of landing a good job if you approach a job-specific site. Such sites are better networked and will feature the most current openings

Resume Posting & Submission Services

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