Resume Templates

Resume templates can vary depending on the employment niche. However, they generally follow standard resume formats. It is a good idea to study as many different acceptable styles and then choose the resume template that best suits your opportunity or job market. Don't rush -- without a well-crafted professional resume you won't even get the opportunity to be interviewed. So do your homework.

Using a Resume Template

Resume templates simplify the job of creating a resume. They are pre-formatted but can be personalized as you require. Given the multiple and often confusing resume choices out there, a template is a good option that satisfies the requirements of writing a resume.

Templates usually are MS Word documents; they can also be specially written software programs. Templates offer you a range of alternatives for every section. There may be drop down fields provided, and you select what’s relevant for you. Templates also provide helpful hints and tips on how to proceed.

Templates are useful when you have to write and format a resume but do not have the time. They are easy to draft as they already have a structure -- only the details need to be added.

Before opting for a specific resume template, find out if it is suitable for the position you’re applying for. A template used for an accounting resume will differ from one that is used for an engineering resume. It should also be appropriate for the level at which you plan to enter the organization.

Should You Use A Template?

Use a template if you lack the time to write a highly individual resume. Use it if you lack confidence in your organization or writing skills. However, following a template will give you a resume that is similar to many of the others applying for that job you want. It will not make you stand out from the crowd, as a really great resume should. Instead, you may want to create your own highly individualizd resume using the many resume tips and resume services featured on this site.

Here are templates for a wide variety of job types. Simply pick a format you like and apply it to your own resume. You may want to consult job-specific resumes for additional information. Also, free sample resumes will give you some good ideas.